The learning economy – New opportunities for marketers

Throughout the past 10 years an unprecedented change has reshaped the concept of education – this transition into a more digitized and knowledge based society has been labeled the learning economy

The main implication of this transition include:

  • An increased desire among the general population to seek out knowledge
  • learning is seen as a life long process rather than being confined to either primary secondary or tertiary education institutions
  • An large emphasis on using digital technology to acquire life long vocational skill
  • An improved sense of time management and accessibility to virtual and augmented

Virtual reality and Augmented reality – A New target market for marketers 

The world of gaming used to be at the forefront of any marketers minds anytime to concept of virtual or augmented reality arose in conversation, however in recent times this is no longer the case and a new target market has arisen – Educational institutions such as Schools and universities

An article recently published on emergingedtech(linked below) discusses how Schools and other institutions are using Virtual reality to expand and improve upon students learning experience

Schools across the united states have become using VR to take students on virtual field trips to locations such as the Smithsonian and mars adding an extra derision to the ways classical subjects such as history and geography are being thought. Since VR virtually enables a class to time travel and teleport from one location to another the opportunities for marketers is endless – Growing populations and an ongoing trend in which society is longing for knowledge means marketers must continue to adapt to the digital age and create a more subversive experience that encompasses 4D technology into the learning process

What do you think are other sectors of the economy digital marketers can target using virtual reality


Walsh, K. (2017). Real Uses of Virtual Reality in Education: How Schools are Using VR | Emerging Education Retrieved 19 October 2017, from



One comment

  1. snr · October 21, 2017

    I believe the medical field especially children with behavioural disorders would benefit from using such technology during their visits to the hospital.


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